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Victaulic is a developer and producer of mechanical pipe joining systems and is the originator of the grooved pipe couplings joining system. Victaulic is a global company with 15 major manufacturing facilities, 28 branches, and over 3600 employees worldwide. Currently, Victaulic headquarters is located in Easton, PA. John F. Malloy has served as CEO since 2002.

A current employee complains about unsafe work environment amidst the Covid-19 pandemic on, "Lack of respect for safety and mental health of employees at Victaulic. Workers who did their job at home for months at the beginning of the pandemic and even had proven productivity increases were forced back to the office in the height of the pandemic when little/no safety measures were put in place (which was legally questionable)."


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Current Employee - Project Engineer says

"Doing the very minimum for covid adherence, so they are able to say they are following standards. People not putting product together should be allowed to work from home."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Victaulic is run by a sea of old white men who think they're helming a company in the 1950s. Employees wear ties every day to sit butts-in-seats in cubicles with nary a customer in sight. Sales rules all, so any request that comes in from a salesperson requires immediate fulfillment, no matter how ridiculous, inappropriate, or expensive. Hurricane, blizzard, pandemic that killed your relatives? Too bad, so sad, get to the office ASAP. Sexual harassment is ignored, but they're quick to find a handful of attractive women in engineering to trot out for photo ops in trade journals (who go on record about how equitable the company is, before quickly leaving for other companies). Managers muse about how they have a problem retaining women, but just can't seem to put a finger on why. Anyone hired before 2006 is in the pension, and their non-competitive salaries are used to justify depressing the salaries of new hires (who are NOT eligible for the pension). "Innovation" is the buzz word that justifies everything: we need in-person employee interactions to foster innovation (and that's why you're risking your life coming into the office during Covid). Strange how the pay, benefits, business practices, and workplace attitudes all completely lack this "innovation"."

Former Employee - Corporate Employee says

"Lack of respect for safety and mental health of employees. Workers who did their job at home for months at the beginning of the pandemic and even had proven productivity increases were forced back to the office in the height of the pandemic when little/no safety measures were put in place (which was legally questionable). Flexibility is actively discouraged. You get in at 8, leave at 4:30, and will be judged harshly if you don’t follow suit (despite it being 2020 and having the ability to work from anywhere). Absolutely no career development. People work for 30 years in the same position and those who want more are seen as bucking the status quo. There's a particular lack of development for women too despite any promises of something else. Culture of conformity that discourages and shames people for speaking up. Antiquated old-school mentality that is not sustainable. They don't have their eye on the long-term or any sort of strategy. Desperate need for upper management to get with the times. It's painfully clear they are really out of touch with their employees and what their needs are. Zero communication to employee base. It is a systemic problem that messages are not passed down or communicated within the company. Negligible PTO policy (12 days and you can ‘buy’ 5). Raises are nonexistent - minuscule end of year increase across the company, regardless of performance"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very antiquated management style, lack of communication, lack of concern for employee safety during pandemic and inclement weather"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Working from home is NOT an option under any circumstance: inclement weather, pandemic, sick, or just because it's 2020 and the majority of companies allow their employees to work from home part time. Nepotism is not uncommon. New roles are either created or given top priority to friends/family of executive management. Lack of diversity. No transparency. Lags behind many companies in salary but will spend money in other exorbitant ways. Will also expect employees to pick up additional work or roles without compensation. Bonuses and annual raises are bare minimum. Dress code is business attire. PTO days cap out at 25days after you work there for approx 30 years. Don't worry, you have the option of buying days with the below average pay you receive. You don't get sick days."

Former Employee - Quality Inspector says

"Run away as fast as possible"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"When I started with the company it was everything I could have asked for in a job. Due to some recent severe and jarring changes things are going downhill very fast. Morale is at an all time low"

Current Employee - Territory Sales says

"Salaries are below average, work hours and expectations ridiculous. Constant beat down from Managers and VPs while they live by different rules and obviously incentives. Incentive Program is brutal, Bonus Pay is 2/10th of 1% on 1st 80% of sales. In other words, that number is practically zero $. Trimester bonuses are less than someone can make over a weekend at a second job which many sales have 2nd jobs to help supplement their income. Turnover is rampant and most sales are waiting and looking for better offers and other careers. This is not a culture that warrants a long term career."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"To start the new hire program was outdated and lacking. Training was so far from what you actually experience in the field that it was a waste of time. Managers are selected and promoted based upon relationships with higher management as opposed to dedicated, knowledgable, hard working, employees. HR is lacking in their processes, to say the least, and they do not know how to handle internal employee issues. A work/life balance is preached and preached but never respected. Overall, the compensation is definitely not worth the headache."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Vacant leadership, void of direction. Arrogant sales management that demeans and micro manages the sales force. Capped commission structure that does not allow someone who wants to make real dollars the ability to achieve it."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"If your looking for a friendly work environment keep scrolling. This Job has to many Buddy Buddy groups. And hire mainly just family And that could be this company biggest down fall in the future. Would not recommend if you are not from that area.PayPeople"

Quality Manager (Former Employee) says

"This place is the worst place anyone can work for. Constant bullying, harassment and unsafe working conditions. Management does not have a care about its employees and customers. Quality of the product has been going downhill due to the high turnover rate."

Welder/Fabricator (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at this company consists of welding headers and pipe fittings. Work is very unsafe, fast paced, hot in the summer and demanding work environment. Company headquarters is in Easton with different branches or supply points established one being in Duluth. This company is structured around welding coupling and fittings for various supply points. Management here does not care about the safety and wellbeing of its employees but instead places work ahead of anything. Quality is non-existent with no upper management care in the world. Supervisors tell us to wear PPE but have witnessed production supervisors not wearing their PPE. Lead by example! Follow through on YOUR mission/vision and quality statement! Quit lying to your employees and customers."

Certified Forklift Operator/Mechanical Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Not a good company to work for.The managers will string you along and tell you want to hear, but have no intentions on ever hiring you for the position that they have tou working in."

CNC Machinist (Current Employee) says

"Company will take advantage of You Union sucks and the working environment is all for one.can not count on The Coward Supervisors they are Afraid of their cushy jobs.Close to homeUnion and company Sucks"

Parts and Assembly (Former Employee) says

"Management is horrible they treat their employees like garbage! They don't care about their workers at all, all they care about is pushing their product out the door. They think they can talk to you anyway they want will curse you out and belittle you just because they can. If you stand up for yourself or others they threaten your job. And as far as pay sure it's ok for a first job. But defiently not paid enough for all the work you do or the bs you have to deal with!! Most the people that work there act like they are still in high school with all the drama and two faced people as well as the management. Buddy buddy with you to your face then will throw you under the bus in a heart beat. Very few people there are trust worthy. And behind close doors they tell you that you're just another number and can easily be replaced, they don't care about you or your family. They want you to commit your whole life to this place your not aloud to have a life outside there and if you do they don't want to hear about it. Machines are constantly breaking down, and the blame for if something happens always gets pushed on to the next person even if it was a different department who messed up so mostly the blame gets pushed around. Safety meetings are a joke supposed to have them weekly more like maybe once or twice a month and it's never nothing new it's always the Same thing. There is no room to move up in the company unless you know someone or blowing someone. I do not recommend working here at all!!!NoneEverything"

Leak Tester/ Packer (Former Employee) says

"All they care about is production, nothing more. People fall out left and right during the summer months and they can care less. If the ambulance carries you out, you still gain an occurrence. Acquire 6 occurrences and you are terminated. Doctor notes mean nothing to them.noneeverything"

Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"The employees are hired as temps. Therefore, the employees are not offered any benefits which is very cost-effective for the company. Once the employee's contract is expired, you will not be hired; you will be without a job!Hire you as a full-time temp so no benefits are offered to the employee."

Supply Chain and Logistics (Current Employee) says

"Very dedicated engineering staff. Terrible Supply Chain and Customer Care departments. Very cut throat environment. Employee retention very low. Poor work-life balance. Stay far, very far from this place.Innovative companyTerrible middle management, no work life balance. Expected to work 24x7 hours. Would not recommend to even my worst enemies."

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"Worst place I've ever worked poor management.they all rude so was employers was way to much drama in workplace the management didn't seem to care.they didn't explain your job to you only told you or showed you once and once only the people that was training showed you one way but next day you would be ditrained by a different person.and they show you differently it's like how does anyonekearn their job if showed completely different ways wouldgavedifferent trainer and she"

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management has a God complex and treat hourly employees like roaches. Leland has a kid running the H.R. department that has no idea her job is for employees not out to get them. Not worth the money."

Millwright (Former Employee) says

"there are a lot of cutthroats and young know it all kids think they can do everything. i learned alot about a CNC my maintenance co workers were awesome and we had fun to make the day go by"

Package Handler (Current Employee) says

"They have a VERY STRICT 4 point system as far as being late & absent. If you’re ONE minute late it’s a 1/2 of point & absent is a full point. They do not accept doctors notes. It is still a whole point. You only get 4 points for the WHOLE year.Bonuses are great"

Foundry/finishing (Former Employee) says

"The let a good worker go that was there 3 years and was always at work bust my butt everyone loved me we was like family really miss it there ? GOT FIRED Because My Step DAD Passed AWay ?? It’s not far to me none what so ever the Union never saved my job it’s sickening would love to have it back ?"

Engineering Sales Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Victaulic organization has the ability to be as agile a small company and have the force of a large company, I would have preferred a longer stay at the company, alas it did not work out for multiple reasons."

Senior Inside Sales Edmonton (Former Employee) says

"They have no respect for your personal life. They will expect you to work all the time including evenings and weekends. Management is harsh and underqualified.It's a job.You must live and breathe Victaulic."

Pattern Processor (Current Employee) says

"If you're looking as a young person to work alot of forced overtime and don't have a family this is the place for you..Maintenance of facility is a joke. While things have improved under a new plant manager and operations manager it still needs a lot of improvement.BenefitsDirty, hot, forced overtime, unhealthy silica dust clouds because of poor maintenance of facility"

Fabrication Technician (Current Employee) says

"Low pay. No advancement. Warehouse work. Lots of counting inventory. Poor management. Ethics issues with management. Nepotism. Boring. They count your mistakes and anyone can see."

Labor (Current Employee) says

"When I brought a doctor note in they still give me a point I punched 1 min early and got a point and No sick time not last min time off when need the give you a point for b.s. thingsShort breaks"

Quality Inspector (Current Employee) says

"The people are nice the hrs are cool .manment doesn’t take the time to ask employees for their input being a small company .hourly pay is low for the work requiredOk place to workPay management"

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